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World-leading development tools

All application programs are developed by Bingo(HK) through Flutter.

Flutter is announced as a language programming tool by Google at the World Mobile Conference in 2018. It operates perfectly on iOS and Android platforms, including the Android4.0, iOS6 and other old versions. In 2018, Bingo(HK) developed over 50 applications through Flutter.

An app that connects to websites

Whilst being able to create websites, Bingo(HK) can also develop an app that connects to the website. With the help of our self-developed API, Bingo(HK) offers the fastest and most efficient connection to ensure data security and data synchronisation.

Fully functional and permanently warranted system

BBingo(HK) has its own professional programming team and each project will be taken care of by a team of three to eight professional members. The design, program writing, testing and launching of the app will be managed by the same team, not involving the hands of others.

We've developed our own app content management system. No matter where you are, you can modify the app simply using a computer or mobile phone; no professional programming skill is needed to do this.

If any specific and complex system is needed for the app, we will independently re-develop our background program, to deliver you a simple and convenient management experience, in hope of minimising any management troubles.

We take pride in our 10 years of cross-platform designer experience and proficiency in self-adaptive cross-platform apps for mobile phones, tablet PCs and computers.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Development of special function
  • Face to face meeting with programmers
  • App management system
App Development

App Development

To ensure your app is developed through the safest and most advanced technology, Bingo(HK) will construct your app using the latest language programming and development tools.

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