In this 21st century, people are overwhelmed by a sea of information, especially in this digital era. Internet is everywhere. You can search for information from all corners of the world. The globe is on your hands. Technology brings convenience to people, but it also brings severe competition to companies around the world along with opportunities as well. Surfing the net and comparing the services and products provided by different companies, people usually choose the one that attracts them the most. So is your website attractive enough to them? How do you know if your website is successful or not? Here are some points that you can refer to.

When talking about a successful website, we usually have a kind of measurement comes into mind, what is that? It is commonly known as KPI, which stands for “key performance indicator”.

According to Investopedia, KPI is “a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time”.

For the traditional KPI, people usually use the SMART criteria/principles to have the KPIs set. The 5 criteria are:

1.Specific: Create a specific objective/goal.

2.Measurable: Have your goal measurable.

3.Attainable: Have your goal realistic and attainable.

4.Relevant: Have your goal relevant to the success of your company.

5.Time-bound: Set a time-frame for achieving your goal.

If it is applied to the assessment of the performance of a company, KPI for different companies may vary due to different natures of the companies. Thus, it is difficult, or we say it is tricky to define what KPI exactly is.

If it is applied to the assessment of the performance of a website, there are some varied points that can be used. Different companies may use different KPIs to judge if they are having a successful website or not.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is always the first thing that comes into mind when we mention about the performance of a website. We can easily associate KPI with website traffic as traffic is money. The more audience you have, the higher possibility of being successful. If your website did not get viewed by the audience, you even would not have the chance to start being successful as nobody read your website. Thus, as what everybody understands that exposure is important.

However, this often leads companies to boost traffic or creating traffic by using some low-end means. These include writing up some content to cater to the lowest tastes. This can easily attract and boost traffic but it is usually NOT the traffic that a company really desires. We call it “unwanted traffic”. And you will probably need to pay for it in the future as you are wasting resource to attract someone who is not your target audience and you are damaging your company’s reputation.

Thus, website traffic can be tricky for you to judge the performance of your website unless you are tight to your company’s goal with resources allocated properly to make sure the website is with high quality to attract your target audience but every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Revenue Performance

The business volume created by the website is another KPI we usually use. Setting up a revenue target is very import and you may review the progress monthly to see if the website is performing well or not. If the target met too early for the current year, you may see if you have set a goal which was too low for your company or if it was contributed by some underlying reasons and revise your goal if necessary.

Other than the volume, the source of the revenue is also important. We have to track the revenue to judge the performance of the website as well. The useful tool suggested will be Google Analytics. It can help to track the source of customers and revenue. The analysis will be provided for the companies to measure the website performance and make any changes to improve the website.

Thus, the website can be judged from the increase of business volume brought by the website.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty means the likeness for a customer to do repeat business with your company. This usually reflects positive customer experiences and satisfaction of the services or products provided.

Concerning about the website surfing experience, customer loyalty is used as a KPI so as to evaluate the performance of the website to see if the website is user friendly or not. Imagine if your website is difficult to search for product or service, it usually results in bad browsing experience and it will be harmful to a company doing e-commerce.

Turn your customers into clients builds strong relationships between you and your clients. And that is customer loyalty. They do not visit your website only once but more times in the future.

Thus, loyalty proves how successful your website is.

KPI helps you assess the performance of your website. Once you meet your KPI objectives, it can be said that your website is performing well and bringing you success. So, is your website successful or not?

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