Professional skills, experienced team

Bingo(HK)'s photography department is led by senior photographers. Photography services include product photography, commercial photography, advert photography, portrait photography, outdoor photography, etc. We also offer services such as photo printing and production, according to the design concepts of our clients.

Using our full set of professional lighting equipment and top internationally branded photography equipment, in combination with our ability, we lead our fellow workers in the industry.

Our team consists of experts from various fields, including photography, fine art, scene-setting etc. To offer works created through innovative techniques, our team assembles ideas to deeply analyse the client's needs and to proactively explore the fusion of photography and design.

Bingo(HK) aims and aspires “To create a higher value for your products through photography”. Bingo(HK) strives to display the intrinsic value of each client's products through photography and to integrate products with web design concepts.

Experienced photographer

Bingo(HK) has multiple photographers, all with years of shooting experience, as well as equipment that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also offer one-stop services for the entire shooting process.

  • Photography shooting themes
  • Arrange models for screen tests
  • Provide professional makeup and hairstyle services for models
  • Arrange photographic studio
  • Professional lighting service
  • Perfect post-production work
  • Arrange photographic studio

In case of any special requirements, you only need to provide your preferred shooting concept. We will do our best to take care of your requirements.


Exquisite post-production work to present the perfect photographic imagery!

Not only does photography require extensive shooting experience and professional equipment, but it also requires exquisite post-production skills. Utilising post-photography photo retouch provides an enhancing effect that photography alone cannot give.

Moreover, for pictures that clients are dissatisfied with due to insufficient lighting or simply wanting to add other effects, post-production work can simply alter these.

Photography Service

Acquire a completely new outlook for your products and services through a newly tailored “cloth”. A different outlook of the same product will definitely bring your customers a refreshed perspective!

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